Day 5 & 6

Day 5

We left camp in hell gate and headed to longonot national park. On the way treking though the savannah we encountered African wildlife. We stopped for lunch at a Walter hole. We made good time and were in our new camp by 4 after covering 22km.

Day 6

We were up early to make sure we were one of the first groups on mt lonhonot as it can get very busy on Sundays.
Most of us made it to the top in undetsande 1.5 hours it was a challenging clime. When all.of us made it to the top some of the group when and walked the rim of mt longonot 2780m at its heights point. The rim was s very challenging with a lot of very narrow climes and descent.
Every one was back before 5.

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2 comments on “Day 5 & 6
  1. Almost there. Seems to have gone so quickly this end. Bet it doesn’t feel like it your end. Well done all. Bet you have some stories to tell of amazing views and personal achievement. Enjoy the last few days. Hope all bearing up with not too many bites or blisters. Look forward to that first bath! Best wishes to all especially you Gill.

  2. Kay says:

    Well done all, I expect you have all seen some wonderful sights and will have some amazing tales to tell. I hopeyou all enjoy your last day


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